Moonlighting 2013

For several years, ACT’s Moonlighting Series has been inviting local playwrights to submit their best work for staged readings. The seven short plays on deck are:

  • “The Last Dodo and the Last Wooly Mammoth,” by Dori Appel, in which a pre-historic couple faces a cruel reality.
  • “Albert Einstein’s Brain,” by Ron Burch, explores of the dangers of online bidding.
  • “Motherhood” by Archie Koenig, examines the effects of GMO on our children.
  • “Here to Serve You,” by Barbara Lindsay, takes a farcical look at airport security.
  • “Tigers in the Entry,” by Diane Nichols, explores the power interior designers have over their clients.
  • “Doggies,” by Bob Valine, finds a couple howling in the bedroom.
  • “Invisible,” by Lyda Woods, discovers a fetid way to escape middle age.
Moonlighting 2013
Moonlighting 2013