Lovers: Winners & Losers
by famed Irish playwright, Brian Friel

Loversposter2For its 25th Anniversary Season, Ashland Contemporary Theatre presents, “Lovers: Winners & Losers” by famed Irish playwright, Brian Friel.  “Lovers,” is a set of two one-act plays balancing young love and a mature relationship.

Widely considered the greatest English language dramatist of the post WWII era, Friel authored over 30 plays in his sixty year career, including “Dancing at Lughnasa,” “Faith Healer,” and “Philadelphia, Here I Come!”  Guest Artist, Susan Aversa Orrego, directs a cast of eight in this exciting work, set in Friel’s fictional Northern Ireland town of Ballymore.

In “Winners,” Mag and Joe are high school seniors, about to be wed in 3 weeks because Mag is pregnant.  While they are allowed to take their final examinations, they have already been expelled from school.  They meet on top of Ardnagheeha, the hill that overlooks the town.  As they study for their exams, all their hopes and fears are exposed.  The “Winners” cast features Alyssa Marie Matthews as Mag, Jake Raiter as Joe, Ann Haynes and David Rowley as the male and female narrators who shape the story of the two young people.

In “Losers,” an older couple (Andy and Hanna) court in the living room while Hanna’s invalid mother disrupts their relationship by demanding attention whenever the couple stop talking.  Becky Durango and Robert Brazeau are the lovers, Andy and Hanna.  Cynthia Tank is the demanding mother, Mrs. Wilson and Nina Newton plays the prayerful next door neighbor, Cissy Cassidy.

Walter Kerr summed it up: “Its outrageousness comes from real observation, its satire from sympathy, its woebegone thunders from wit.”

Performances are at The Ashland Community Center 59 Winburn Way:

Fri. 11/ 6, at 8pm, Sat. 11/7 at 8 pm, Sun. 11/8 at 3 pm (yes, 3 pm);
Sat. 11/14 at 2pm, Sat. 11/14 at 8 pm, Sun. 11/15 at 2 pm;
Sat. 11/21 at 8 pm, Sun. 11/22 at 2 pm;
Sat. 11/28 at 2 pm, Sat. 11/28 at 8 pm, Sun. 11/29 at 2 pm.

Tickets are $15 and are at Paddington Station, Grocery Outlet, and online.

Res. Line: 541-646-2971